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              • F9-26 Anti-corrosion centrifugal fan
              F9-26 Anti-corrosion centrifugal fan

              F9-26 Anti-corrosion centrifugal fan

              • F9-26 Stainless steel centrifugal fan
              • F9-26 FRP Centrifugal fan
              • F9-26 Wind Turbine
              • Product description: This page details the technical parameters of f9-26 anticorrosion centrifugal fan, product performance, dimension diagram, air volume, wind pressure, motor power, our company is the manufacturer of f9
              • INQUIRY
                F9-26 anticorrosive Fan is 9-26 high-pressure centrifugal fan changed to stainless steel material, add sealing device manufacturing, according to the different materials, can withstand a variety of acid and alkali, the highest power 850kw, the maximum air volume of 123090 cubic meters/hour, the highest wind pressure 16250 Pascal
                Compared with similar fans at home and abroad, f9-26 anticorrosive fan has the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, flat performance curve and wide high efficiency area. Generally used in forging furnaces and high-pressure forced ventilation, and widely used in material transportation, suitable for a variety of corrosive gases.
              The temperature of the conveying medium is ≤80oc, and the dust and hard fine particles contained in the medium are ≤150mg/m3.
                The fan is divided into left and right two kinds of rotation, A, d two kinds of transmission mode.