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              Mining fan

              • DK40 mine counter-rotating fan - copy
              • DK40 mine counter-rotating fan - copy
              DK40 mine counter-rotating fan - copyDK40 mine counter-rotating fan - copy

              DK40 mine counter-rotating fan - copy

              • DK45 Mine to Cyclone machine
              • DK45 mine to spin main fan
              • Rotating axial flow fan for DK45 mine
              • Product description: This page details the technical parameters, product performance, dimension diagram, parameters, price, air volume, wind pressure and motor power of the rotary main fan used in DK45 mining.
              • INQUIRY

                DK45 Mining Fan is a mining to spin main fan fan, dual motor double impeller, blade angle adjustable, air volume 18.2-150.4 cubic meters/sec, wind pressure 382-3334 Pascal, power: 2*37 to 2*200 kw impeller diameter 1200-2200mm, static pressure efficiency 86%

                1, a new generation of K series of mine energy-saving fan, mainly used in metal mine ground or downhole main fan, auxiliary fan ventilation, can also be used in other ventilation and ventilation occasions.
              2, the series of energy-saving fans of the main performance, technical indicators are as follows:
              (1) Series machine number: №7~№26; (1) Series machine number: №7~№26;
              (2) Series speed: 1450, 980, 730 r/min;
              (3) Air volume range: 2.0~164.2m3/s;
              (4) Full pressure range: 38~3819pa;
              (5) Power range: 1.1~500kw;
              (6) Fan efficiency: K type single-stage full pressure efficiency η=94%,
              DK type η=86% The rotational static pressure efficiency; (7) Operating noise: la≤85db (A).