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              • W4-73 High temperature centrifugal fan
              • W4-73 High temperature centrifugal fan
              W4-73 High temperature centrifugal fanW4-73 High temperature centrifugal fan

              W4-73 High temperature centrifugal fan

              • w4-73 Centrifugal Fan
              • w4-73 High temperature lead fan
              • w4-73 Wind Turbine
              • Product description: This page details w4-73 high temperature fan high-temperature fan technical parameters, product performance, dimension diagram, air volume, wind pressure, motor power, our company is w4-73 high-temp
              • INQUIRY
               W4-73 series high temperature centrifugal fan is Jinan Xinguang Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. according to national standards, advanced technology production of w4-73 series of high-temperature centrifugal fan, can be modified according to your requirements, variant design This product strives to make w4-73 series of high-temperature centrifugal fan to meet your needs,

              W4-73 series high-temperature centrifugal fan is widely used in industry, agriculture, mining, transportation, construction, scientific research, construction, chemical industry, textile and other industries for ventilation, exhaust, wind, ventilation working environment. W4-73 series high temperature centrifugal fan, suitable for conveying non-spontaneous combustion, non-corrosive, the maximum temperature does not exceed 500 degrees Celsius of high temperature gas, gas dust content and hard particles not more than 150 mg/cubic meter, if the gas dust content is large, should be in the fan inlet before the device dust removal efficiency is not less than 85% dust removal device,
              To improve the service life of the fan. This kind of fan is single inhalation type, the machine number has No8, 9, 10, 1, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 total nine kinds. There are two forms of vertical and right rotation of the fan, and the transmission mode is D type.